Modelling electric motors & generators
Our goal is to offer complete services needed in development of specyfic electric motors including design, construction, prototyping and testing, all in one place. Current services was established in January 2020 after eleven years of research and development in the field of advanced electric machines.
Our main research and development effort is focused on the field of synchronous electric machines, especially brushless permanent magnet motors for customized applications. The result of many years of development is a portfolio with several constructions of synchronous multiphase electric machines. Advantages of the our proposals include higher torque density, improved thermal issues, decreased NVH effects compared to standard constructions.
Manufacturing & testing
As a manufacturer of electric motors, we place our customers and their individual requirements at the heart of the focus of our engineering work. Our motor plant in Poland is optimally equipped for producing customized electric motors, or for the short-term, tailored modification or replication of small and medium electric machines. With a continuous increase of inquiries, and expansion of activities internationally, various investments have been made in motor production during the last few years.
Every motor made by us is 100% end of line tested to insure top quality and maximum performance.
•Oil And Gas
•Speaker Systems
•Pumps/ Fans
•Motorized Power Switching

We are working in fields of developing and designing innovative brushless ac and dc motors.

The aim of our activities is to propose topology, design methods and performance tests for specific electrical machine. We treat  each request as individual task with special approach.

As first stage of calculations we perform on the basis of electric circuit motor model an optimization task that is looking for optimums of objective function. This part of modelling is based on our own scripts in C++ and Python. In the following step 2D FEM parametric model of the machine is prepared. We check using FEMM such values like:

-Calculation of maximum value of phase linkage permanent magnet flux

-Calculation of rated torque

-Calculation of inductance in d and q axis

-Calculation of magnet shape, at which the torque pulsations are minimal

We provide CAD services as a further step in business development using AUTODESK Inventor Professional Suite.

"Nothing is too wonderful to be true
if it be consistent with the laws of the nature"

Michael Faraday

Mateusz Rzeszowski
Electric Motor Expert
I was born in Poland on January 29th, 1986. I received the graduate degree in electrical engineering with central focus on automatic and computer since, and the Dipl-Ing. degree in electrotechnical engineering dealing with control systems design in electrical drive division from the University of Technology, Warsaw, Poland, in 2010. Since 2009 to 2013, I worked at WUT as a Ph. D. Student for Advanced Electric Motors and Contactless Energy Transfer Systems, including multiphysical analysis of electrical machines like motors and high frequency transformers. Since 2013, I continued my work as a R&D Engineer at ABB Motors&Generators and then Technical Manager in the field of High Power Rectifiers, Łódź, Poland. I spent also 3 years as technical lecturer at Łódź University of Technology. My teaching activity deals with the design methods of electrical machines, where I introduced the finite-element analysis of machines. Since the summer of 2017, I have been the Product Technical Engineer responsible for brushless motor development at Valeo Autosystemy, Skawina, Poland.
I have developed over 15 special electric motors in the recent years.


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